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About Us


Kringle Cash Exchange (KCE) is a group of PEOPLE who are experts on trading and founded in December 2020. We develop this system to secure an online platform for buying, selling, transferring of digital currency. Use or control your money in any way you want.

Kringle Cash Exchange (KCE) is an online platform exchanger where members can exchange their Kringles and PayaCoins into bitcoin easily so that they can be able to enjoy their coins and ensure their COINS remains the most valued cryptocurrency in the future.

We are building bridges in the TBC community, maximizing all potentials with every possibility.

Our target Community is not focused only on the existing TBC members in the community, also the new or not yet already part of TBC Community, to enjoy TBC while it’s still in the Distribution Phase.  We hope to get more individuals and corporate organizations into the TBC Community for freedom and a more liberalized economy.

Our Vision

To change people's lives around the world and to provide equal grounds for all TBCians to partake in the great future of TBC-to live in abundance and prosperity, and ensure that TBC remains the most valued crypto-currency in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve one another with love and respect and to use TBC and Kringle to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty, and misery. To provide a smooth TBC Exchanger at an affordable price. Working on all possible ways to get kringle into the all conventional crypto-currency status.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make all TBCians use the Kringle Cash Exchange platform in enjoying their kringles, and to help the TBC Community to achieve its Noble Mission so that everyone in the TBC Community will live in abundance and prosperity.

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