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Kringle Cash Exchange is the best  Kringle/BTC Exchange platform. We exchange Kringle to BTC using the most convenient operational methods. We offer TBC Exchange in simple steps:

Services We Provide

We are interactive and hope to deliver the best services to all traders on time.

Data Protection

Your personal data are safe with us as. All transactions on our platform are encrypted and protected.

Adequate Security

We are focused on ensuring the security of your funds and account, 2FA Protocol is implemented.

Payment Methods

We accept Bitcoin, Thebillioncoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, as methods of payment.


KCE assure you that you will get all services as stated delivered on time and accordingly, We are ready to serve you.

Secured Company

Our company is secured by the Kringle Private Society and we will operate as thus according to the law and terms of thebillioncoin.

Automated Trades

Trading on this platform is automated and swift, trades are recorded and analysed for future transactions use.

Rewards And Bonuses

There are whole lots of freebies and bonuses you can acquire from using our platform, kindly get started now to enjoy at maximum..


Our mission is to serve one another with love and respect and to use TBC and Kringle to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty, and misery. To provide a smooth TBC Exchanger at an affordable price. Working on all possible ways to get kringle into the all conventional crypto-currency status..


To change people's lives around the world and to provide equal grounds for all TBCians to partake in the great future of TBC-to live in abundance and prosperity, and ensure that TBC remains the most valued crypto-currency in the future.


Our goal is to make all TBCians use the Kringle Cash Exchange platform in enjoying their kringles, and to help the TBC Community to achieve its Noble Mission so that everyone in the TBC Community will live in abundance and prosperity.

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